Learn more about Viva Clair Collection, what our products are made of, and why this line was created. 


About Viva Clair Collection

At Viva Clair Collection, we make jewelry that fits your agenda. Our line is handmade with care to bring you long-lasting pieces. To ensure the highest quality, our products are 14k gold-filled. Gold-filled is a very thick layer of pure gold bonded to a brass core. This type of jewelry is a more affordable option to solid gold, but possesses some of the same qualities as it is tarnish resistant and safe for everyday wear. Sweat and shower in your jewelry without worry!

Meet the Owner 

Shortly after landing a job in the fitness industry, Vivian Pellegrino recognized the need for quality accessories at an affordable price. She found herself constantly buying new jewelry as it would turn after just a few workout sessions.  After realizing how many women experience this same problem, she aimed to create a brand that would never limit women, instead, it will push and motivate them to reach their goals. One that allows them to be their true selves and to strive for excellence. So, Viva Clair Collection was designed to be reliable, elegant, and charming to exemplify and be worn by every strong and inspiring woman.