Jewelry Care

Whether you love our 14k gold-filled or .925 sterling silver pieces, let us help you keep your jewelry looking like new with our care guides.


14k Gold-Filled Care

Our 14k gold-filled jewelry is the next best thing to solid gold. Gold-filled is a very thick layer of 14k gold bonded to a brass core for a tarnish resistant and durable finish.  Shower and sweat in your jewelry without worry. However, it is recommended to avoid exposure to chlorine, salt water, or other harsh chemicals. To clean and restore the bright finish of the piece, simply rinse with mild soap and water and/or polish with a soft cloth.

.925 Sterling Silver Care

Sterling silver is safe for everyday wear, but it is suggested that sterling silver pieces be removed prior to exposure to water and/or moisture. Avoid exposing these pieces to harsh chemicals such as perfumes or lotions by putting jewelry on last. Be sure to store sterling silver in a cool, dark place when it is not being worn. Sterling silver will need to be cleaned and polished regularly to keep it looking like new. To clean, polish with the polishing cloth provided in your order and rinse with warm water. Dry thoroughly after exposure to water. 

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